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Michael Elder


My name is Michael Elder.  I have been teaching both physics and biology through the lens of a Christian for 8 years now.  I have worked in East Texas at Panola College as well as Center High School where I was awarded Teacher of the Year Honors while teaching physics.  I moved to Houston in 2017 where I taught AP physics 1 and 2 to high school students at Tomball Memorial High School.  I currently teach biology full time for Lone Star College University Park and am excited to utilize the many years of Physics teaching resources I have created to my PREP physics courses.  I believe that physics is best learned through an interactive approach and intend to incorporate a number of fun and engaging projects that will help students understand both the conceptual and mathematical aspects of physics.  I have been married for 12 years to my lovely wife Amanda.  We have three wonderful children: Grace; 9,  Noah; 6,  and Iris; 2.

Teacher's Classes

Physics is a comprehensive fast-paced, honors study of God’s physical creation where we will be using laboratory exercises and projects that will build a mathematical and conceptual feel for physics.  In this course we will be covering topics such as Classical Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Matter, Electromagnetics, Optics, and an introduction into Relativity and Quantum Physics.

Physics is a full lecture and laboratory course, including testing and weekly homework assignments, that will earn 1 high school honors science credit.  The class meets once weekly for 3 hours.

Laboratory exercises hone skills in deduction, reasoning, and problem solving, allowing the student to develop a deeper intellectual approach to their study of science.  Experiments, projects, and accompanying calculations and analysis will allow the students to see physics in action in their everyday lives.

Pre-Requisites:  The study of Physics requires a solid understanding of high school math.  Students should have successfully completed Geometry, Algebra I, and Algebra II before attempting this class.  The student should also be enrolled in Pre-Calculus, as much of the problem solving will require an understanding of trigonometry.

Homework: 1-1.5 hours / day

Textbook:     Bob Jones, Physical Science 3rd Ed. Physics 

Only the student textbook is to be purchased. You must bring your textbook to the first day of class.

Withdrawal fee after September 30, 2021, is three months' tuition.

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