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Art: High School (Cypress)

Class Year:  2023-2024
Time:  Mon 02:00 pm - 03:30 pm;
Teacher:  Mimi Barreras
Tuition:  $600 / Year or $60 / Month for 10 Months
Supply Fee:  $70 / Year ($73 by PayPal) - Due Upon Registration (Non-Refundable After August 14)
Location:  Northwest (Cypress)

PLEASE NOTE: This class has always been fairly advanced. But, please be aware – if you are enrolling a 8th grade student, I fully expect them to be able to work with a steady attention span for 1 ½ hours and be serious about their art. Your student may be new to art, but please be aware that I challenge this class pretty hard so a willingness to dive in and try hard is needed.

If your child took high school art this past year or the year before, this next year will be primarily NEW curriculum, not a repeat of the past year. New activities or new subject matter, same principles repeated. Curriculum repeats every 3rd year.

Students will learn the basic elements and principles of art while at the same time experiencing art in a fun and tactile manner. Junior high, middle school age art education is as much about positive art experience as it as about the raw beginnings of fine-tuning true art skills. High school art is about refining those.  Art is as much about seeing the world as it is about doing. This course will emphasize a lot of the seeing part.  Yes, we will spend much of our time doing art each week, but we will also learn to observe, to study, to understand the thinking side of art. We will learn to draw, to use our hands and our bodies to create, to have tactile fun with various media and loosen up a bit instead of working in fear and trepidation. We will spend the second semester exploring color, color theory, and more of the world of design. I also integrate some art history in the mix here and there. Doing art, seeing art is ultimately a reflection of our Creator.  At the end of this course, students should walk away with considerable art experience, more freedom in their work, and a better grasp of how to see and examine the world artistically.

Your $70 supply fee covers all the in-class items like giant paper and brushes and paint, clay, etc. I encourage each family to purchase their student their own sketchbook, a set of good drawing pencils and sharpener, a pink pearl type eraser, and a set of colored pencils to practice at home. (May I suggest that Ross or beginning of year school sales often have these basic items for a very inexpensive price.) All items used in class are covered by your class fees.

Class minimum is 5. Class maximum is 18. Class minimum must be reached by August 14 for this class to be considered to make. Please register early and pay your first month’s tuition and fees to both hold your spot and to make my planning easier.

The first month’s $60 tuition (Aug) plus $70 supply fee is due upon registration and is refundable up until August 14. NOTE:  This means your first real payment after school starts is due first class in Sept. Last payment will be in May.  10 months of tuition payments.

Tuition is due the first day of class each month. Late fee is $10 for every week the payment is late.  You may pay by:

  • Check made out to Mimi Barreras.
  • Setting up a monthly bank draft or bank issued check set up at beginning of school year works great as well. (Please email me for the address to set this up. I LOVE THIS OPTION. It’s easy!).
  • Paypal to If you choose to pay via PayPal please add $2 per month. PLEASE put your child’s name in the memo field.
  • Venmo to @MimiBarreras. Phone is 832-472-3723.

Fees for dropping this course after the beginning of the year are as follows:

After Oct 1: two months fee due

After Nov 1: three months fee due

After Dec 1: four months fee due

After Jan 1: the remainder of semester due

Please note – should there be major life changes such as job loss, the need to move, major health concerns, please let me know. My policies are firm, but I do understand that life happens, so please communicate.  If you choose to withdraw your child mid-year in an educational shift, these fees hold firm.

Tuition: $60 per month for 10 months, $600 per year. To pay via Paypal, add $2 per month or $20 for the year. (August-May)

Supply Fee: $70 per year due at registration (add $3 to pay via Paypal)