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Mimi Barreras


Mrs. Barreras is a lifetime artist who has been teaching art formally and informally, classes and individuals, homeschool and a bit of public school, between and/or while raising and homeschooling her own kids, over a span of 31 years. Mrs. Barreras has been with PREP for 4 years. She has a BFA in Art Education from Baylor University and is very much an art educator. Mrs. Barreras loves to pass on her passion for art in both teaching art skills and passing along the aspects in which we all use art in life in reflection of our Creator, but mostly she just takes joy in interacting and working with her precious students and watching them grow to be great adults. Mrs. Barreras has homeschooled her own 11 children for 25+ years now and has a few college grads and some daughters-in-law, 4 grands, and a handful of progenies of the adult and child varieties still at home. She has been happily married to Tony for 30 years and the family is actively involved in church, music of all sorts, lots of youth theater, too much politics, and runs a cleaning franchise. And when Mrs. Barreras is not managing all of the above or trying to chauffeur all those people, she paints.  A lot.

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