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Teacher Profile

Pattie Ahlstrom


Pattie has just completed her first year of teaching for PREP and is thankful to be a part of this great organization.  She is a certified elementary education teacher and began her career teaching in public elementary schools.  Her most cherished and humbling job, though, has been partnering with her husband to homeschool their three children from kindergarten through high school graduation.  Throughout their family’s 17-year homeschooling journey, their children’s education was greatly enriched by the PREP community of teachers and families.

Married since 1991, Pattie &  Lee will celebrate their 30th anniversary this year and will also graduate their youngest child from high school.  As her personal homeschooling journey ends and a new season begins, Pattie is thrilled to continue teaching and looks forward to partnering with her students’ families.  Her desire is to inspire her students to become life-time learners who will enjoy the process of learning to write clear and stylistically engaging essays.

Having made Texas her home for nearly 24 years, yet having roots back on the east coast, Pattie enjoys travelling back to Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania to visit relatives and friends.  When at home in Texas, Pattie enjoys savoring a good cup of coffee while reading autobiographies, cooking for her family or playing games with family and friends.

Teacher's Classes

This course emphasizes structured & stylized writing, in-depth grammar enhancement and literature enrichment.

Utilizing curriculum from the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW), students will learn a variety of stylistic techniques as they work through nine structures of writing including; note-taking & outlines, writing from notes, retelling narrative stories, summarizing references, writing from pictures, summarizing multiple references, inventive writing, formal essay models and formal critique.  

Fix-It! teaches grammar at the point of need.  Students will learn to think about their writing and incrementally learn how to apply the grammar rules to written work.  The daily practice in editing will help instill the habit of editing anything they write.

Literature and poetry selections have been chosen based upon their dynamic sentence structure and syntax as well as the engaging nature of the content.  Students will respond to the independent reading assignments in a variety of ways.


Curriculum Purchased by Student

I recommend that these books are bought new from IEW.  Please have these books in your possession prior to the first day of class.

  • Structure and Style for Students, Year 1, Level B, Student Binder and Packet, $29.00

  • Fix It! Grammar, Book 2, Teacher’s Manual and Student Book Combo $29.00


Literature Selections Purchased by Student

A complete list of the literature selections and school supplies will be provided upon registration for this course. 


Student & Parent Expectations: 

  • Parent Partnership: Parents are expected to be engaged with their student ensuring that they understand the classwork, utilize the weekly syllabus and complete their homework each week in a timely manner.


  • Prerequisites: Students must be 11 years old prior to September 1, 2021 and able to read easily at a sixth-grade level.  Students must be able to compose a sentence and be able to write legibly.


  • Homework: A ‘Homework Schedule’ will be sent home weekly. Students will be assigned daily work to complete at home.  Parental involvement and engagement is essential.  Parents will be responsible to ensure their student follows the weekly syllabus allowing them to complete their work in a timely way.


  • Parent Orientation: Parent orientation will be scheduled prior to the first week of class. 


Grading: Quarterly grades will be based on writing assignments, grammar and book quizzes as well as poetry recitation.

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