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Mary Stockton


Mary Stockton, B.A. holds a double degree in Communications and Secondary Education (English and Speech) from Concordia University in Austin and is a state certified educator. Mary served as an English and Speech teacher at Concordia Lutheran High in Tomball from 1995-1999, where she was named Houston Area Lutheran Teacher of the Year in 1998. She has been tutoring and teaching homeschool English and Speech classes for 15+ years. Mary homeschooled her four children in the Tomball area and has since launched them to college. Married to Chris for 25 years, Mary (and Chris) are members of Salem Church in Tomball where they serve on the worship team and in marriage and mission ministries. Mary is passionate about preparing and empowering all her students to be effective communicators for Christ in high school speech class and beyond. Contact Mary at

Teacher's Classes

This high school course focuses on the importance of excellent communication skills in everyday life through public speaking. In this active learning class, students will learn how to prepare and deliver various types of speeches. This course will include discussions of communications processes, audience analysis, and public speaking guidelines. Speaking projects include an introduction speech, interview, demonstration speech, informative speech, devotional speech, persuasive speech, and impromptu speeches. We will also spend time developing note-taking, vocal skills, talk about overcoming public speaking fears, discuss nonverbal and workplace communication. Students will learn how to plan, research, organize, and present a number of different types of speeches as well as how to present an impromptu speech. Students will also learn basic skills such as eye contact, using illustrations, appropriate body movement, making an argument, etc. Full of fun, engaging activities and discussion, this class will provide the tools to allow students to grow to become confident communicators. Please plan for an average of 1-2 hours of homework per week. This class will be a full year of complete speech training –comprised of a semester of Speech Communications in the fall and a semester of Public Speaking in the spring.

Curriculum Provided by the teacher:
Institute for Excellence in Writing Speech Bootcamp Handouts

Curriculum Purchased by parents: Sound Speech by Koontz. Any edition of this book is acceptable.

Drop Fee: If student drops before September 30th, two additional month’s tuition will be required.  If student drops after September 30th, the full year’s tuition is required.

Class minimum
: 5 student minimum must be met by August 1, 2022, for the class to make.

Payment Forms:  Cash, Check, Venmo (Mary-Stockton-9)

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