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Class Info

Speech: High School (Cypress)

Class Year:  2023-2024
Time:  Wed 02:30 pm - 04:00 pm;
Teacher:  RenĂ© Schiltz
Tuition:  $550 / Year or $55 / Month for 10 Months
Supply Fee:  $50 / Year - Due Upon Registration (Non-Refundable after August 1)
Location:  Northwest (Cypress)

This course is designed for high school students in 9th-12th grades.  8th graders will be considered based on special requests if space is available (a writing sample will be required).

Speech making is fun!  It is educational and empowering.  My joy is to help students to find their voice and to use it to further the Kingdom of God.  In a world where people now get their news from individuals, it becomes imperative that those individuals speak responsibly.

The classical approach to speechmaking begins with Aristotle’s Five Canons of Rhetoric and the Common Topics.  Students will be introduced to these ideas and apply them over the course of the year to understand the art of communication and persuasion in the form of speech writing and performance.

Students will learn various types of speechmaking including. Some assignments may center on, but not necessarily include all of the following:,

  • Deliberative speeches: Informative, Persuasive, Humorous, Power Point
  • Ceremonial speeches: Praise, Blame, Celebrate
  • Limited Preparation Speeches such as: Interviews, Apologetics, Impromptu, Table Topics, etc.

This class is designed to teach and hone a variety of important skills needed for life including:

  • Research skills - A speech topic is assigned and the students will research and write a speech to present in class.
  • Writing skills - Essay versions will go through 2-3 drafts from concept to performance. Teacher feedback is given in both grammar and usage as well as on the differences between writing an essay (which the audience would read) as opposed to writing a speech (which the audience will listen to).
  • Delivery skills - speaking - Understanding the elements of speechmaking, which include using the voice effectively through intonation, elocution, pitch, speed, and tempo changes, is key.
  • Delivery skills - physical - Utilizing gesture and movement is important for keeping the audience engaged.
  • Humor - Understanding the appropriateness and application of humor can put the audience at ease and create connection, or it can alienate the audience if used improperly. Students will practice utilizing humor in a way that is honorable and fun.
  • Critical thinking skills - Class discussion, critical thinking, clarity of thought and concision in the use of language are key to excellent writing and communication.

The Lecture introduces the assignment and prepares students for each speech project.  Class discussion is encouraged and students will practice delivery skills in class prior to the graded presentation.  Workshopping is a key aspect to this class – students will sometimes work on speeches in class, but will also give each other feedback and ideas for improvement.

  • Homework: 45 min/day.
  • Parents partner with Mrs. Schiltz for their student's success by overseeing their student's research online, completion of assignments, and preparations for speaking in class.
  • Online research can be risky without parental controls or a filter on the computer. I highly recommend parents to be involved in research whenever possible.  This can be done simply by applying filters and parental controls on devices and asking the student to remain nearby and to ask questions about confusing content.

Presentation Days: In order to prevent delays in teaching new material and to stay on schedule, it is highly recommended that students look ahead to know when or if conflicts in his or her schedule require swapping his or her assigned presentation day with someone else in the class.  Last minute requests to swap are more difficult to accomodate and cannot be guaranteed, yet I will do my best – some conflicts are unavoidable.  Always advise Mrs. Schiltz of a presentation time swap.


*Withdrawal fee after 9/30 of that school year is 3 months of tuition.

*Drop Fee after December 15 will be the remaining year’s tuition.

*The Supply Fee and Mrs. Schiltz’s class forms are due upon registration.

*If the Supply fee and forms are not received within 2 weeks of registration, the student may be unenrolled from class.

*The Supply Fee is non-refundable after August 1st.