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Spanish: High School 1 (Cypress)

Class Year:  2023-2024
Time:  Wed 02:00 pm - 04:00 pm;
Teacher:  Grace Cooper
Tuition:  $552 / Year or $92 / Month for 6 Months (Sept - Feb; Class Ends in May)
Supply Fee:  $40 / Year - Due Upon Registration (Non-Refundable after July 31, 2023)
Location:  Northwest (Cypress)

I will teach your student using Proficiency Oriented Language Instruction (immersion).  As a language teacher, my goal is for your student to be more proficient in the target language (Spanish) when they complete my course than when they began. 

A proficient learner can communicate about something appropriately and accurately for a purpose.  This is the goal of the class and my vision for your student.  I want them to be able to communicate about something appropriately and accurately for a purpose.  Do I need to say it one more time?  My goal is for the students to be able to communicate about something appropriately and accurately for a purpose.

What will the instruction look like?  It will have these four elements:

LISTENING: listening to the teacher tell a story, listening to questions asked by the teacher, listening to the teacher describe a film

READING: choral reading with the class, reading stories that have been told/asked in class, embedded reading, reading storyboards

WRITING: filling in missing words in CLOZE passages, free writes, completing personalized sentence frames

SPEAKING: responding to simple questions from the teacher (yes/no, either/or, etc.), re-telling class stories, reacting with rejoinders

In the Spanish 1 Class, I will concentrate on the Super 7 Verbs and then expand that list to the Sweet 16 Verbs. First semester will concentrate strongly on this list of verbs:

  1. estar(is at a place / is feeling)
  2. hay(there is / there are)
  3. tener(has)
  4. ser(is)
  5. gustar(likes / is pleasing to)
  6. ir (goes / is going)
  7. querer (wants)
  8. salir (to leave)
  9. hacer (to do/to make)
  10. poner (to put)
  11. poder (to be able)
  12. dar (to give)
  13. decir (to say)
  14. saber (to know)
  15. venir (to come)
  16. ver (to see)

Don’t worry, even in Spanish 1 there will be plenty of fun.  Think…. puzzles, games, challenges, singing and so much more!

I will be using a Curriculum called SOMOS as the backbone of my course.  By the second semester, the students will read a novel as part of the course (this could possibly happen in first semester).  Students enrolled for the full year will be using the language with only some explicit grammar instructions.  I know that sounds foreign (pun intended) but as I mentioned at the beginning, I want to teach this class as immersion rather than the traditional vocabulary and grammar based course. Is there memory work?  YES, but the lists are short.  Some of the grammar concepts the students will use are: present tense, past tense (preterite and imperfect), present progressive, reflexive verbs, articles (definite and indefinite), adjectives, direct and indirect object pronouns, telling time and at what time.  While the students will be exposed those grammar concepts they will work with the rules for present tense AR, ER and IR verbs, Stem changers, noun adjective agreement to name a few.

To support learning Spanish during the week, I assign homework so that ideally the student is using Spanish daily.  Some assignments will require using online sites such as: Señor Wooly, FlipGrid, EdPuzzle, Quizlet, Quizizz and some specific videos on YouTube.

Drop Fees: No withdrawal fee if you withdraw in September.  Withdrawal fee for October and November is $180.  If you withdraw in December or later, the withdrawal fee is the balance of the year’s tuition.  Do not send any fees to Profe Cooper until you receive an email from her.

Tuition: $552/year or $92/month for 6 months (September -February, the class ends in May).

Supply Fee: $40/year due upon registration.  Non-refundable after July 31.