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Integrated Physics and Chemistry (Katy)

Class Year:  2023-2024
Time:  Tue 08:00 am - 11:00 am;
Teacher:  Rachel Davis
Tuition:  $650 / Year or $65 / Month for 10 Months
Supply Fee:  $90 / Year Due Upon Registration - Non-Refundable After August 1
Location:  West (Katy)

Come explore the intricacies of God’s physical creation. This research-based science course introduces students to chemistry and physics, equipping them to be student scientists. This course is broken into two distinct semesters: introduction to chemistry is the first semester and introduction to physics is the second semester. Chemistry units move the student from matter and what it is made of to how matter interacts in chemical reactions, nuclear changes, solutions, and acids and bases. In the physics units, students will learn about how matter and energy move and why they move as well as the different forms of energy. Taught with a biblical worldview, students see how science affirms their faith.  This class is geared toward and intended for 9th-10th grade students.

  • IPC is the foundational, honors physical science course that prepares students for upper level high school science studies (Biology/Chemistry/Physics).
  • It is required that the student take Algebra 1 either before or while taking this course to be prepared for the calculations in the Physics part of the course.
  • IPC is a full lecture and lab course including testing that will earn 1 high school honors credit in science.
  • Laboratory exercises hone skills in deduction, reasoning and problem solving, allowing the student to develop a deeper thinking approach to their study of science.
  • There are two major projects assigned:
    • The fall project assigned to students is a guided research paper on a famous scientist.
    • The spring project is a science project demonstrating an IPC concept covered during the year.
  • Homework: 1+ hr/day.
  • Parents partner with Mrs. Davis to insure their student's success by checking Google Classroom weekly for the assignments and overseeing their student's completion of the homework assigned, semester projects,                   and preparation for tests.

Supply fee: $90

Tuition: $650/year or 10 monthly payments of $65.

Textbooks: Bob Jones, Physical Science, 6th Ed. and Physical Science Lab Manual, 6th Ed.

Parents provide the textbooks for their student. Only student texts are to be purchased.

Class time: 3 hours, once weekly


*Withdrawal fee after 9/30 of that school year is 3 months of tuition.

*The Supply Fee and Mrs. Davis’s science form are due upon registration.

*If the Supply fee and science form are not received within 2 weeks of registration, the student may be unenrolled from class.

*The Supply Fee is non-refundable after August 1st.