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Classic Literature and Composition (W)

Class Year:  2022-2023
Time:  Tue 12:30 pm - 02:30 pm;
Teacher:  Chelsea Denzler
Tuition:  $650 / Year or $65 / Month for 10 Months
Supply Fee:  $65 / Year - Due Upon Registration (Non-Refundable after August 1)
Location:  West (Katy)

Tuition: The total investment for this course is $650 + a one time $65 supply fee. For your convenience, you may pay in 10 installments of $65/month (August – May). Each payment is due by the first class of each month. You can pay via check, Zelle [Daniel (713)-748-9105] , or cash. Payments not received by the 10th of the month will incur a $10 late fee. If for any reason you must withdraw your student from the class, the following payments are due:
After September 30th : $195 (equivalent to 3 monthly installments)
After December 15th : $325 (equivalent to 5 installments/remainder of the school year)
Parents supply all novels and supplemental texts (must purchase specific edition and it must be unmarked).

Withdrawal Fee: Two months’ tuition after 10/1/2020

Prerequisite: This class assumes that students, 10th grade and up, can write a basic short essay and handle the challenge of weekly reading assignments. If not, I recommend beginning with Classic Lit (see course sequence below).

Minimum Student Requirement for course to make: 6 (This is a discussion-based course, and I find that students get the most out of the course with at least 6 in the class)

This class offers high school students a chance to dig deeper into writing and literature. We will begin to analyze the literature we read through class discussions, guided learning, and response writing. We will have opportunities to write persuasively, analytically, and creatively. This class is a great steppingstone towards the challenge of upper-level high school and college writing and literature. Each student will gain skills they will use for life!

We will learn elements of literary analysis by studying a selection of short stories, poems, plays, and full-length novels. Expect weekly writing assignments as well as unit exams/projects. Students will be challenged to participate in class discussions.

My goal is for students to be excited about seeing literature come to life, sharing their words through writing, and broadening their world view. I set high standards but work to provide students the tools necessary to succeed. This course is intended as a pre-requisite to World and American Literature. Classic Lit is foundational for students who do not have a background in high-school level reading or writing.  Although all high schoolers are welcome, this course is geared toward ninth grade students.Our writing curriculum goes back to the basics to ensure students end the year with the ability to craft fully developed, multi-paragraphed essays that demonstrate analytical, persuasive, and creative writing skills.

**Students wishing to enroll in this course without having completed Classic Literature MUST have teacher approval.

**Upon successful completion of this course, parents may choose to award 1 High School English credit.

A complete list of novels and texts TBD

How this class fits into the sequence of PREP High School Literature:

9th grade (& up)– Classic Literature. This course covers the basics of writing, including how to gather information, outline thoughts, and write with style. Students will begin learning analysis in their reading through various works of short stories, full length novels, plays and poetry.

10th grade (& up)– World Literature. This course continues to build on the writing skills and expand the depth at which we look at literature. Students will dig deeper into literary analysis through short stories, novels, plays, and poetry from around the world. Students will write a research paper in this class.

11th grade – American Literature.   This course will cover a large scope of American literature from Colonial times to now. This course is faster paced. Students will become proficient in analyzing the works that are read which will include a mixture of novels, short stories, plays, and poetry. The writing focus is on literary analysis.