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Class Info

Math 4 (NW)

Class Year:  2022-2023
Time:  Mon 09:30 am - 10:30 am; Wed 08:00 am - 09:30 am;
Teacher:  Allyson Bakken
Tuition:  $600 / Year or $60 / Month for 10 Months
Supply Fee:  $65 / Year - Due Upon Registration (Non-Refundable)
Location:  Northwest (Cypress)

This elementary mathematics course is designed for students entering the fourth grade. This class is highly interactive and the hands-on approach will allow students to strengthen and internalize mathematical concepts through the use of manipulatives, group work, and individual tests and quizzes. The goal in this class is to provide a concrete understanding of math concepts and strategies in order to ease the transition into a more difficult 5th grade curriculum next year.

Mathematics 4 Curriculum Description:

Place value through the millions place,

Comparing and ordering whole numbers, fractions and decimals

Estimation/Rounding whole numbers and decimals

Addition/Subtraction (up to 5 digit numbers, with/without regrouping)

Decimal place value to the hundredths place

Multiplication (facts through 12 memorized, 2 digit x 3 digit with renaming)

Division (2/3 digit quotient, remainders)

Fractions (addition/subtraction, equivalent, mixed numbers)

Geometry (3-dimensional shapes, area, perimeter, volume)

Measurement (customary and metric, capacity, temperature)

Elapsed Time

Data/ Graphs

This class will meet twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Textbook: BJU Math Grade 4 Student Worktext (4th Edition)

Tuition: $600/year or $60/month for 10 months

Non-refundable Supply Fee: $65/year; due to Ms.Bakken upon registration with PREPCLASSES.

Drop Fee after September 15 will be 3 months tuition.

Drop Fee after December 15 will be the remaining year’s tuition.