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Class Info

Biology (NW)

Class Year:  2022-2023
Time:  Wed 11:00 am - 02:00 pm;
Teacher:  Lilli Ann Miller
Tuition:  $650 / Year or 10 Monthly Payments of $65
Supply Fee:  $90 Due Upon Registration (Non-Refundable After August 1, 2022)
Location:  Northwest (Cypress)

Come explore the fascinating study of LIFE!

  • Students will embark on a comprehensive survey of God’s creation by exposure to different fields in the biological sciences, from the study of the fundamental unit of life in cell biology to understanding the human body in anatomy and physiology. These provide basic tools to investigate what makes up living things, how they work, and how they relate with one another and the physical world.
  • Theories of biological origins, current advances in biotechnology, environmental issues, and their social implications are discussed from a biblical perspective. Opposing world views are presented throughout the course so students might see the truth of Scripture in light of scientific study.
  • In addition to lectures and class discussions, other activities include lab experiments, microscopy, and dissections — all designed to enhance comprehension of concepts learned.
  • There will be opportunities to hone research and oral presentation skills in preparation for collegiate work: writing a persuasive outline on creation vs. evolution and two short scientific papers, one on a biotechnology topic of their choice (fall semester) and a human body disease/disorder (spring semester).
  • Special projects will include collection and classification of leaves and wildflowers - wonderful ways for students to experience greater awareness of beauty, order, and design in nature!
  • Parents will partner with Mrs. Miller to ensure their student’s success. Please check the class website weekly and oversee student’s homework and completion of assigned tasks. For more information on the class, visit:

 Additional Course Information

  • This course will earn 1 high school honors credit in science.
  • Though not a prerequisite, it will benefit the student to have taken a general science class, or preferably IPC, prior to registering in this course. Geometry is also the recommended math to accompany biology.
  • Class meets for three (3) hours once a week.
  • Textbooks: Bob Jones 5th Edition Biology (ISBN: 160682936X) and Biology Laboratory Manual (ISBN: 1628560231).  Purchase student materials only.
  • Tuition: $650/year or 10 monthly payments of $65
  • Fees: Laboratory Fee - $90 (one-time fee). The Laboratory Fee and Mrs. Miller’s Class Registration Form must be received before a student’s place will be held in class.  The Lab Fee is non-refundable after August 1.
  • Withdrawal fee after 9/30/22 is 3 months’ tuition.
  • Class size: Minimum - 8; maximum - 18