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Class Info

Life Science (W)

Class Year:  2021-2022
Time:  Tue 11:30 am - 01:30 pm;
Teacher:  Rachel Davis
Tuition:  $550 / Year or $55 / Month for 10 Months
Supply Fee:  $80 / Year - Due Upon Registration (Non-Refundable After August 1)
Location:  West (Katy)

Come and explore God's biological creation and learn to think critically through the study of life science. This course explores all living things—starting with cells, moving to plants and animals, and humans. All these concepts are unfolded as a quest to understand the life that God has created. Students will participate in engaging lectures, class discussions, and labs.

  • This class is designed to teach and hone a variety of important skills needed in high school including:
    • Research skills - A guided research paper on a major biome is the spring project.
    • Study skills - by exploring how the student learns best and by reinforcing the information in a variety of ways.
    • Note taking skills - worksheets become more interactive and students learn to record important notes from the lecture.
    • Public speaking/oral reporting skills - the students share their researched information when they do a formal presentation with their research paper.
    • Lab skills - developed during the microscopic labs and dissections as well as other lab explorations.
    • Critical thinking skills - Class discussion builds critical thinking skills.
  • The Lecture introduces the topic and prepares students for the laboratory exercises and testing.
  • Homework: 45 min-1 hr/day.
  • Parents partner with Mrs. Davis for their student's success by checking Google Classroom weekly and overseeing their student's completion of assignments and review for testing.

Lab fee: $80

Tuition: $550/year or 10 monthly payments of $55.

Textbooks: Bob Jones, Life Science, 5th Ed. and Life Science Activities, 5th Ed.

Parents provide the textbooks for their student. Only student texts are to be purchased.

Class time: 2 hours, once weekly


*Withdrawal fee after 9/30 of that school year is 3 months of tuition.

*The Laboratory Fee and Mrs. Davis’s science form are due upon registration.

*If lab fee and science form are not received within 2 weeks of registration, student will be unenrolled from class.

*The Lab Fee is non-refundable after August 1st.